Sunday, August 30, 2009

So, what's the emergency???

Saturday, 2pm
Location: my living room
So Stacy came in to see me first thing in the morning. You see, I am well known "relationship guru" among my friends. I have no idea why 'coz I myself don't have any relationship to speak of. Anyways, so here I am in my living room with blood shot eyes (I need like ten hours of sleep to function fully) and cup of green tea in my hands (green tea is great antioxidant- try to have at least one cup a day) trying to listen my friend's ramblings about some guy she met at the party just 3 days ago. They went out ONCE and she is crying her eyes out already! You got to be kidding me girl! You see, Stacy is a wonderful girl. She is funny, she is smart, she is cute (a little bit chubby though) but very desperate. And men can sense it from a mile away. And that is a major turn off. Stacy haven't had a second date in 4 years!!! Thanks God she met me, so now we can work on that lol. No but seriously... No second date in 4 years. No wonder she is so desperate.
So the story is that Stacy met Nick at this party. They have exchanged their emails (not even phone numbers), drop a line couple of times and decided to meet up again. So she went to his place (!) which is like 1 hour away (!), they made out etc. He said that he likes her. So that got her going. The guy said that next day he has meetings all day long so she shouldn't expect his call but if she would drop a line he will answer. So the next day came and Stacy text him. No answer. So she freaked out and started to text him like crazy (for crying out loud- get a hold of yourself, girl!). And what do you know, guy got totally turned off. Now he says they can't date but if she is going to behave herself he might rethink. Whatever that means.
So here is Stacy's emergency. What to do? What to do?
I have a feeling she is going to screw this one again...
Lets wait and see...

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