Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wednesday 5 pm
Location: living room
Oh my shopping spree was way over the board yesterday. Not only did I max my credit cards on clothing but I've decided to get my hair done as well. I was just so tired of myself. So I went into this salon called Kiki's Creations that does highlights for $85 or up. My gut feeling was telling me to get the hell out of there but I couldn't stand being my old self for another minute. So I have swallow my feelings and gave myself to the hands of weird looking lady. Apparently she is the owner of the salon. It took her 30 min to get to me. No no she wasn't busy. She was just walking around, drinking coffee, left for a cigarette and finally came to me. That was bad enough, right? And I should have listened to my gut feeling and left but no no I was giving the lady the benefit of a doubt. So after brushing my hair she left again to mix hair color. It took her another 15 minutes. Later she came with foil and showed me how to fold it and put it on the plastic stick and give it to her! So I was doing half of the job right there! After it was all done- finally, it took her only 2 hours, about ten brakes and 3 phone calls- she gave me to the shampoo girl who obviously doesn't know a thing about hair care or gentleness!!! Boy was she ruff! And don't they say that wet hair is very easy to damage so you have to be extremely gentle? Man I thought I will leave that salon with bald patches! After this "pleasant" treatment I was seated back into the chair for a blow dry you would think, right? Wrong! Lady brushed my hair and gave me a bill of $145!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For what??? For me doing half the job? Or for shampoo girl trying to rip my hair off? And doesn't the price list say that it's 85??? I have no words to express my outrage! I didn't leave a single penny for tips and left with tearful eyes. 145 is way out of my budget for a shitty treatment and the color that I used to get for 60 buks. Guys, don't go to Kiki's in Ocean City, NJ. What a rip off!!!!