Monday, August 31, 2009


Monday 9pm
Location: my closet
Oh my dearest God! I was planning to go out tonight but I absolutely can't!!!! Where is not a single decent peace of clothing  in my closet :((( That's a disaster! Where is no way in the world I can leave my house tonight... I have to arrange emergency shopping trip ASAP... And no I am not exaggerating. You see I have gain some weight recently that won't go away... I am size 5 now and I used to be 3 :((( Looks like my metabolism is slowing down with an age. But than again I didn't fight it too much. I promise to myself I will start to exercise again in October. Now I just don't have time. So for the time being I am going shopping for some size 5 clothing. And that is my wish list: Black tunic dress
2. Bright leggings
3. And cool boots :)  Happy shopping for me first thing tomorrow!

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